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February 25, 2013
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Where feathers Fall
Chapter 4  

The following day, Sebastian accompanied his young master and Young Lady Elizabeth into town, following them around as the annoyingly cute girl dragged Ciel from store to store, and finally to a small café she was interested in for some lunch.

The blond pouted and fixed her eyes on the butler, “Sebastian, if you are just going to stand there, you can leave us alone for a while! You’re no fun being so professional all the time! Isn’t that right Ciel?”

Ciel sighed in annoyance but nodded. “You may leave us for now.”

Sebastian bowed and took his leave of the café, glad to be away from his master’s fiancé. He returned to the carriage waiting outside by the curb, and stood near it, red eyes watching couples, families, and lone travelers passing by.

Suddenly, his stomach gave a painful twist, instantly sending him to his hands and knees, nausea following soon after. He pressed a gloved hand to his lips, urging the feeling to pass. Though he knew it wouldn’t…not easily…and not on its own. A few passerby’s stopped to watch the pained butler, one man stooping down to his knee and placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Sir, are you alright?” he asked in alarm.

“F-Fine…thank—nn—you…excuse me…” Sebastian pushed himself up and headed down the street, turning into an alley so he could easily take to the roofs and head towards Claude--


No, he wouldn’t go to that man…he wouldn’t be used and manipulated! Once was more than enough to be played a fool by that damnable spider! He stumbled forward and slumped down behind some crates, out of sight, and he clutched his stomach.

But how would he stop the pain himself? …Blood?

Claude was being leisurely as usual. If he wasn't so happy to indulge in the sin of 'Sloth', he might be offended if someone called him lazy. He simply went about his hobbies, always eager to learn some new ones. A storm was coming. He was looking forward to it. Though there was no rain, ominous clouds loomed nearby that Claude knew foreboded a delectable storm.

In the end he'd pushed all worrisome thoughts regarding Sebastian aside. It surely meant nothing. The royalty of demons were even less likely to succumb to emotions. Yes, they called it succumbing, not feeling, or indulging. There was no solution to his thoughts so he pushed them aside.

That afternoon as he lazily played with the kitten he'd taken pity upon one stormy day, drinking tea as eloquently as true royalty, there came a shock of pain in his body. It was so bad he dropped his teacup and covered his mouth, certain he was about to be sick. But it passed as quickly as it had come, and he realized it had to be Sebastian having an attack.

Sebastian shivered as the air grew colder, a few sprinkles of rain starting to hit the cobblestone roads. But still he sat, lingering in the pain his illness gifted him, refusing to get up—to run to the spider. His breathing began to grow heavy and the rain grew heavier, soaking him through quickly. He curled up into himself with a whimper.

And then…a cough ripped through his throat, causing it to feel raw. His eyes widened at the very human feeling gripping him, his coughing growing into a fit. But why? The rain? He hadn’t been in it that long…even humans could stand the rain longer than this before catching cold… He gasped and thrust himself forward onto his hands and knees, heaving the contents of his stomach between coughing fits.

A blood pact was eternally binding. Sebastian could port to Claude just as he could to the demon. But Claude waited for several minutes and there was nothing. Perhaps Sebastian was stuck in something un-postponable with his master... a lot of use he'd be there, though.  
Looking down at the shattered glass on the ground, he frowned. After a minute he got up and ported to the demon, because the pact was binding, and he had to go to the demon, no matter what. He nearly stood right in the mess the demon had made and leapt back in surprise and shock. It passed quickly.

"...Michaelis," he muttered, grabbing him by the lapel regardless of how ill he was, "You're in an attack...why didn't you come to me?"

Sebastian moaned and struggled to focus on the spider, “I w-won’t be—“
He hunched over, coughing into his gloved hand as the world around him seemed to spin. However he wasn’t able to finish his statement, slumping forward against Claude, his skin burning as he nearly lost consciousness.

Right as the rain began to come in, Claude ported him back to the mansion. He didn't want the man vomiting on his floor so he dumped him next to the toilet and wordlessly went to go and prepare his treatment.

He scowled to himself the entire time he'd made it. What could a sentence like "I won't be" be ended with? ‘I won't be tricked, or coaxed, or manipulated.’ Something to that effect, surely, and Claude would find out the rest of it soon enough. But first he had to help the man. He brought the concoction to him quickly, administering it himself, tipping it down his throat.

"I'll kill you if you throw this up," he muttered, chasing it with nice hot chamomile tea. Well, personally Claude thought chamomile was disgusting, but beggars couldn't be choosers.

Sebastian sputtered slightly but managed to down both the potion and the tea, moaning slightly as he leaned back against the wall, his hurt pride not allowing him to give in and lean against Claude. It wouldn’t let him cling and bury his face in the spider’s shoulder… no. He wouldn’t give in to that weakness. He wouldn’t succumb to those feelings. He wouldn’t fall in love.

When the numbness had set in, Claude lifted him up in his arms and carried him away to the fire once more, where he could endure the paralysis in relative comfort. But first…
He pressed him down onto the couch and tilted his chin to look at him, "We've got some time to kill," he said mechanically. "So why don't you tell me why you didn't come." A large black spider with sharp, yellow-jointed legs dwindled down onto Sebastian's shoulder and started to climb up his neck.

Sebastian shivered and turned his head to look away, “I won’t…have you manipulate me like that again, Faustus… It’s one thing to do it to a human, it’s another thing to do it to me. Or have you forgotten who I really am—illness aside?”

"...What," Claude whispered, "a Prince? That means nothing up here. Is that why you were willing to risk your life? Because you were too stubborn to come to me? Too bitter that I didn't reciprocate your feelings of love, huh?" He let go of his chin and belted him across the cheek with the palm of his hand, "Idiot. You're a damn fool, that's what you are." His voice had risen, betraying his anger. "I have not done all this for you so you can simply let yourself suffer when you're upset with me. Does our contract mean nothing?"

Blood red eyes widened as Sebastian’s head was forced to the side, “You made a fool of me, Faustus…” He slowly turned his head back to glare at the spider demon, “I trusted you and you tricked me, forced me into this…this weakness! And then you expect me to come running to you every time I get an attack? When I’m most vulnerable? How…” he choked, horrified at the wetness gathering in his eyes, “How can I go to you when you now hold two of my greatest weaknesses in your hands?”

Claude scowled. "...Did I mock you? Did I insult you? Patronize your feelings? I said nothing, I simply gathered information. But I forced you into nothing. I've done nothing but help you, Michaelis."

The spider crawled inside Sebastian's shirt, wandering over his body.

"The fact is that I will see you vulnerable. That is what is going to happen with this illness. Why don't you face up to the fact, because I am treating you professionally and almost kindly. Our contract was not made to falter at such pitiful tantrums!" Hearing himself shout caught him a little off guard and he sat back.

“…Why?” Sebastian asked, shivering at the feeling of the spider crawling over his skin, “Why agree to this contract at all? What can I possibly have to offer worth all this?”

"It doesn't....matter," Claude stammered. The spider crawled down his chest, its pointed legs tickling Sebastian’s skin uncomfortably.

"...I'll know it when I find it." He lifted tea to the man's mouth and made him take a long draft of it.

"Maybe I considered what such a relationship would be like. For a minute. And I have this to tell you," he said quietly, meeting his eyes: "Your feelings, whatever they are, have only come about from the effects of this disease. It is forcing you to feel beyond your usual range. I am certain of this."

“…I’ve come to the same conclusion…or at least I tell myself that…” Sebastian muttered, glancing away, “…Doesn’t make it feel any less real…any less painful...I…prefer the pain of the illness itself over this strange…emotional...hurt…”

"...Look," Claude said in an unusually soft voice, " one has, or ever will, be able to love me. You'll realize that soon enough." He put a hand on his head, and slowly the spider crawled out. His eyes, lit up by the firelight, were almost a little sad.

“…Stop it…you aren’t helping, Spider.” Sebastian shifted to sit up a little more, “…Even if it is just the effects of my condition…it feels like I truly am…” He trailed off, half on purpose, not wanting to say it out loud and make it official, and half because he found himself, despite his anger and frustration, despite his pride, leaning in and once again pressing his lips to Claude’s.

The kiss was different this time. In fact...Claude couldn't recall the last time he'd felt a kiss like this. It wasn't just lust. It was soft...and sensual...and seductive...It was like he could feel...something different in the kiss. Was it Romantic attraction? He felt emotion well in his chest like he hadn't felt in years and he shuddered lightly as he kissed the man back. It was a physical effort to kiss the way Sebastian was kissing, instead of fast and lustfully. "But I'll make you better," he whispered.

The crow took a shaky breath, still close enough for their lips to touch, “What…if I don’t want you to…if it means I can’t…feel this anymore?” Sebastian whispered, wondering why he was saying the exact opposite of all his thoughts before. Why would he suddenly want to keep these human-like feelings for Claude? To hold onto a weakness…

"Because you know I'll hurt you in the end," Claude replied, closing his eyes as his hand slid longingly up Sebastian's thigh. "That is not what I want to do. Trust me." He pushed their lips back together. He tasted too good, it made his mind buzz and his breathing go a little heavier.

“But…Claude, I—“ Sebastian’s words were lost in Claude’s lips, and he slowly slid his arms around his shoulders. The kiss was gentle like the last one had been, but…it seemed to hold more…passion? He pressed into it more, pulling Claude slowly down with him as he lay back against the couch cushions. “…Mmm…”

Claude's fingers walked over his body, sliding over his groin and his nipples, and he felt a reaction stir within his own loins. He wanted him lustfully. That was all it was, right? A gentle, quiet moan escaped him, because if Claude Faustus had a failing it would be that he could not be subtle when things aroused and excited him. He...even wanted Sebastian to know. But slowly he drew back. There were strands of fresh spider web trailing where Claude's fingers had walked.

“…Claude…” Sebastian whispered, slowly meeting his gaze, “Tell me one thing truthfully…do you feel anything for me? Even…if it’s just lust?”

Claude stared at him for a long time. "Of course. There is no denying your flawless figure or your ability to seduce, Michaelis. You could make any young man or woman fall for your charms."

Silently, Sebastian nodded, reaching up to trail his fingers down from Claude’s temple, across his cheek, and along his jawline, wondering where he should go from there. Seduce him? Make it feel like they were together like his…heart so longed for…Or leave it be and continue feeling this lonely hurt in order to save himself from rejection later.

Claude’s eyes fluttered shut. "It is my job to make you better. Not to hurt you further," he said, "I think, with...these feelings, indulging our natural lust for each other will only make things worse." He adjusted his glasses calmly as Sebastian's fingers wandered over his own skin.

“But for how long?” Sebastian muttered, eyes focused on the spider’s soft lips, “How long will it take to make me better? Are you helping just until I can consume Bocchan’s soul? Will I be on my own after that? Or… will you help me until the end and the illness takes me despite your help? A cure is so far out of my reach…I’ll die no matter what, and…I may just die with these feeling running wild…”

For the first time, Claude was at a loss for words. His eyes opened on Sebastian's. There was something there....he could feel something inside him...What was it? Was he feeling...Sebastian's feelings by extension of their blood bond? Emotional transfer?  
The spider didn't know what to do. He simply sat on the couch and rolled Sebastian into his lap, his arms sliding around his body in what he assumed was an embrace. Ah yes, Alois desired these things sometimes. He'd never desired them himself...except from his family, as a very young child. Now, he held Sebastian close to his chest, feeling his heart swell.

The crow demon let his eyes close, his own arms sliding around and clinging to the back of the spider’s shirt as he lay there, simply taking in the man’s scent…memorizing the feeling of their arms encircling one another, “Mphh…” He tightened his hold on the spider, hugging him closer in an almost needy way, his mind in a constant battle between trying to bed the spider or not. All logic pointed to not, given the circumstances, but…he couldn’t stop himself from even this…clinging to a simple embrace.

Claude held him there for a long time, rubbing his back, unsure of what he was doing. If he offered any affection it should have been sexual, and here he was, hugging him. He let go all of a sudden, rolling the man off him. There was faint color in his face. "Do not....mention anybody," he said in a relatively even tone. "Do you understand me?"

Sebastian blinked, growing upset over Claude’s sudden reaction, “You forget that this would reflect upon my reputation just as much as yours,” he snapped, pushing himself up, but because he was still far too numb, his stance faltered and he gasped, falling back down and narrowly missing the couch.

Claude helped him back up. "I did that to help you feel better. So please don't get upset again." He fixed his hair up for him.

“…I’m so confused as to what to do about this…what to think…” Sebastian admitted softly.

"We proceed as usual, Michaelis. You're intelligent. You'll make the right decision." Claude’s expression was a little less cold. "But," he whispered, leaning into his ear, "...I want you to know that I hate being called ‘Spider’," he said with a faint smirk. "So don't call me it again. I have a name."

“No promises. But I’ll remember.” Sebastian muttered, “But I—“ he cut himself off, his eyes widening and beginning to shimmer as he felt the contract on the back of his hand pull at him. Ciel was summoning him; demanding his presence… but he couldn’t even stand yet. That much had been proven obvious not seconds before…he couldn’t obey the order… “Cl-Claude…Bocchan is…calling, but…” he warned, knowing the spider would understand.

Claude's eyes opened just a little wider. "...Shit," he muttered without thinking. "...Wh..."
Obviously Sebastian couldn't stand yet, he could still barely move.

"I suppose my carpets really are going to be ruined," he grumbled, getting to his feet. The contract was the priority. Response was expected to be instantaneous, "Hang in there, Michaelis."

He got up, his long legs making large strides out of the room, down the hall to the phone, where he called the manor, demanding 'the servant of Michaelis'. A young boy with a feminine voice answered the phone, and Claude gave him the order to go to Ciel.

There was no reason, in Sebastian’s mind, to ruin what could be avoided, but looking around the sitting room, he found it lacking even a bucket for the ash from the fireplace. And then, his time ran out, the contract on the back of his hand beginning his punishment for failing to comply to an order. Bolts of pain shot up his arm from his contract and through his entire body, drawing a gasp from him. It wasn’t like the pain of his illness, but it was still enough to render him useless, adding it to his current state. And then, he felt something burning as it made its way up from his stomach, filling his throat and mouth until he couldn’t hold it in longer.

A sticky black substance oozed past his lips until he finally let it go, violently heaving wave after wave of the burning goop.

Claude winced when he walked back into the room. "Michaelis..." he muttered, carrying a bucket. Too bad there was a wait while the clumsy maid went looking for the subordinate, or his carpet's fate might have been avoided. Hell, even the couch, and the demon's clothes. All covered in that awful mess. He handed him the bucket, lifting him up and sitting him down in front of the fire.

"Looks like you got hit hard by that failed order." He watched the substance sizzle lightly and remembered how it burned the insides. It burned the outside too. Claude knelt beside him and for the third time started pulling his clothes off before it burned his skin. Sebastian thanked Claude with a pained look, hugging the bucket as he heaved once more into it and shifting to allow his ruined clothes to be removed, grateful for the thought before the black goop ate through his clothes and started to burn his skin. In a way, it was like an acid.

The bucket was almost completely full by the time his punishment was over, calming down and leaving him with only the burning feeling lingering on his throat, tongue and lips. He pushed the bucket away from him and leaned back, panting. Sweat glistening on his tired and weakened body.

Claude felt sorry for him. It was terribly unfortunate that Sebastian had to suffer this on top of what he already had. The man looked like he'd been through hell. He wiped at his mouth and body with a cloth, removing residue, then made him sip water. He'd pulled his own coat off, draping it over Sebastian's lap while he raised the jug to his lips, watching him swallow the cool liquid. Claude pushed his hair out of his face almost affectionately. "You're staying here tonight," he told him lightly.

“But…Bocchan won’t…” Sebastian trailed off. Claude’s voice had been soft, but it hadn’t been a request. So he nodded, “Unless he calls for me again while I can move…I’ll stay…”

"Understandable. You wouldn't want this to happen twice." Claude continued to lightly run his hand through the man's hair without thinking.

"I will take care of you," he said, dabbing sweat from the man's chest. "I don't suppose you'll be eating, so maybe I should find you some nightwear. It's getting dark."

“Thank you…” Sebastian muttered, leaning against the other and enjoying the feeling of his fingers running through his hair. “I’d also like to bathe if that is alright with you…” he said, able to feel the residue from everything happening that day clinging to his skin.

Claude nodded graciously. "Very well." The man was leaning against him again, calling him 'Claude' again...the spider butler might have figured Sebastian's feelings out by himself at this point. He gathered him into his arms and took him to the large, circular golden tub. Once the water was nice, hot, and filled with bubbles, Claude placed him down in the water. He rolled up his sleeves and removed his foggy glasses, supposing he'd have to help him wash this time around.

Sebastian relaxed in the tub, actually taking time to enjoy the relaxing waters. And though he thought he could wash himself with little difficulty, he said nothing, allowing himself to greedily let the spider demon help with washing his back…feeling those hands slide along his moistened skin… there was no way to hide his light blush.

Even Claude didn't seem to mind so much. The man was naked before him, and he got to touch his perfect body. Perhaps even a little more than was necessary. From behind, he allowed a blush matching Sebastian's to grace his cheeks. Half an hour of silence passed. But Christ, he wanted to do so much more, especially to the lower section...the things he could do with his hands, his tongue, his member... He shuddered, forcing the arousal back before it was detectable in his aura, "I think we're about done here," he murmured. "I'll get you out and dressed."

The crow nodded, having been attempting to keep his own arousal down. It was hidden beneath the bubble-topped water, but he wanted to get out before he couldn’t control it any longer.

Claude found him pajamas, not in the mood to tailor something at the moment, "Would you wear this?" he questioned once Sebastian was in his room. It was essentially what the young boys wore; a nightdress, except a little larger.

Sebastian turned to eye the suggested article of clothing and nearly choked. The nightgown even had lace about the cuffs and neckline. It was obviously designed for a child, but did look large enough to fit him, In fact; it looked exactly like one that Ciel often wore. He had to wonder why anyone would even have such a thing. The idea of a grown man wearing such a thing…And yet…he had little choice. His own clothes were beyond repair, and if it was between this and being naked all night… “I…guess it’ll do, if there is nothing else.” He nodded, “But no one hears about it.”

Claude just gave him a little smile. "Nobody hears a thing, Michaelis." He stood him up, removing the towel and sliding the soft fabric over his chest. He neatly tied the bow, "...Just like our young masters," he whispered with a faint smile. He could see Sebastian was embarrassed, and what a nice look that was.

He told him he'd return with some milk tea for him, and when he did, he too had donned pyjamas, his customary pink ones. The corners of Sebastian’s lips twitched upwards, “…Do you always wear such…interesting bed wear?” he nearly chuckled, not knowing which one of them had on the more embarrassing pajamas.

Claude blinked. "Interesting?" he asked, looking down at the pink flannelettes. Again, a style picked up from the shinigami. They did have such nice fashion. "They're just nice and comfortable," he replied, as if stating the obvious. He entered and put his tea down for him.

“In color, at least.” Sebastian nodded, reaching out for the cup of tea. Tea was starting to grow on him. He hadn’t ever tried it much, but with Claude making it for him…he was starting to enjoy it, looking at it as more a guilty pleasure…but only if it was from Claude.

"You're moving better now," Claude remarked. "That's good to see. You'll be out of here by morning." He sat beside his bed as he drank the tea. As a demon who lived so comfortably, he was afforded the luxury of sleep and took advantage of it. He slept often, for long periods of time, and he intended to retire to bed soon himself.

“I should hope so,” Sebastian nodded, lowering his cup from his lips, “I have duties to attend to, and an apology to my master to make.”

When Sebastian was finished, Claude took the cup from him, their hands connecting around the china for a moment. Claude held it there, his eyes flicking up to Sebastian’s before taking it back slowly, "Well...I cleaned up just before, so I'll be off...but, Michaelis," he murmured, "...I want you to know that...I am appreciative of your feelings...even if they are impermanent. As such, I have a little gift for you."

Sebastian had blushed silently when their hands met around the empty teacup, and he looked up at the demon in surprise. A gift? That was completely unexpected. “…What?”

Claude nodded. "Yes, a gift," he said calmly, looking down at the empty cup. "If you would like it...I will offer you..." He seemed to struggle a little with it, then met the demon's blushing face. "....My name."

Red eyes widened. His name? That was no small thing. Even though demons could not control other demons with their name, most liked to keep it secret while up in the Mortal realm. He knew Claude knew his name. Malphas was, after all, one of the dark princes. But the offer spoke volumes of trust…and maybe even a little bit more. Slowly, Sebastian nodded, accepting the offer.

"Claude Faustus," said the spider demon, "is...not bad as far as chosen names go. 'Faust' after all, is quite powerful, but my name, my one true name..." Claude got up and slid onto the bed beside him. He rested a hand on his opposite shoulder, leaning in to him in the seductive manner of before. He had never told him his name--they had never met in Hell. It was only in the mortal realm that they first encountered each other. Of course, he knew Malphas right away. He leaned into the man's ear, flicking his tongue over it once more to let him know his name was Cimeries.

Sebastian shivered and turned his head enough to look at the other, “Cimeries…” he whispered, just to try it out, though he didn’t quite understand why he did so. He reached up, running his fingers through Claude’s hair.

Claude nodded. "And you know to be careful with it," he said, tilting his head to Sebastian's hand. He looked so cute in the nightdress. Claude drifted his hand across the ridge in the soft fabric.

Sebastian nodded, “I do, and I will be…as you have with mine,” he muttered, leaning in as if to claim a kiss. But why? They had talked about how giving into lust would only cause him more pain…his feelings were just his illness getting to him, they weren’t real…and yet…they were real. And he felt the draw to act upon them regardless of the risks. His hand slid up along Claude’s pink pajama top and hooked lightly around his neck just before his lips brushed up against his.

Claude wasn't surprised to see reciprocation from Sebastian. He had...enticed him a little, after all. "Do you find it....a valuable gift?" he asked softly, his lips brushing back against Sebastian's instinctively. Of course, if they continued like this, they were going into lustful feelings, and yet, it grew harder and harder to pull away from him.

“Very much so…” Sebastian responded without pause, before nudging his lips firmly against Claude’s with a small, barely noticeable hum.

"Ah...we should not..." Claude mumbled, even as his hands fingered the bottom of his dress, urging to climb higher underneath.

“…I don’t care what we shouldn’t do…” Sebastian muttered, his other hand finding the spider’s thigh.

"I do... I told you how I feel...about this..." Claude murmured, but even then he had taken Sebastian by the shoulders and lowered him to the bed. He put his glasses aside, allowing his naked golden eyes to lust over the demon's form.

“And I disagree with it…” Sebastian responded, his voice taking on a low, seductive tone that almost sounded like a moan in itself. Normally, he would have smirked up at him as he was lowered back onto the bed, but instead his lips curled up into a small, genuine smile. “I think…you may question it yourself…”

Claude reddened faintly. "...You think it’s easy to say no to a body like yours? Skills like yours, Michaelis? Plus...a sweet little nightdress like that....I find myself hard-pressed to resist."

“For tonight…can’t that be enough, Faustus?” Sebastian slowly licked his lips, then ran his tongue up along Claude’s neck and under his jaw, “Why hesitate? Demons take what they want at any opportunity. Why pass this one by? You can have me, Cimeries. I’m offering myself to you…” His hand slid over the spider’s rear and up his back, finding skin. It should be fine…for them to do this.

This strange feeling of love was his illness messing with him. Once he had Ciel’s soul, he’d be back to normal and they could forget this night, saying it was just a time to feed their lust. It’d be alright in the end. Or that’s what he was telling himself…rationalizing the fact that Claude would only be acting on lust and not a mutual feeling for him.

Claude bit his lip. Of course, that's all it should be, but for some reason he wasn't keen to treat Sebastian as just an object to be used and taken satisfaction from. He shivered when Sebastian's hands wandered over his skin and his breathing hitched as he began to feel quite pleasurable already. "....Nh.."

Sebastian paused, still seeing hesitation in the other demon’s eyes, which only caused his heart to leap, “…Unless…there is something more…”

"Why are you okay with this?" Claude questioned. "You'd know my reasoning for this. You'd be giving yourself and your feelings to me, when all I should be doing is taking satisfaction."

Sebastian glanced away, “…Because once I have Bocchan’s soul…these feelings will go away, right? I’ll stop suffering these one-sided feelings and I can just chalk it off as an act of lust.”

"Have you considered maybe the reason I haven't just taken you so far is because I'm not comfortable with this being just an act of lust?" Claude sat back, looking over him.

“Why?” Sebastian questioned, fearing the answer would be along the lines of the fact the spider didn’t want him…that the talk about what he had to offer was simply to spare him more human feelings to help prevent another attack…

Claude shook his head. "While everything thus far has been revolving around you, have you stopped to consider that I....." He frowned, trailing away. "...We are not all the same, Michaelis. There is more to me than simply indulging idle pleasures." This was already way too far into the 'not wanting to admit to Michaelis' zone.

Sebastian sat up, his nightgown slipping up to reveal more of his bare legs, however unintentional, “Maybe it’s my illness talking, but you are an extremely confusing man! One minuet you are acting as if you feel only lust! The next you speak as if you may return my feelings! Which one is it? I’m tired of trying to guess!” He turned away, tears in his eyes, “…Either way, why does it matter?”

"I never said anything about feelings," Claude replied coolly. "I said that I may personally have my own issues regarding simple lust satisfaction with you, whoever said that was related to your feelings?" He frowned and tilted his head, hearing the waver in the man's voice. "Like I said, not everything is about you. Maybe I wasn't lying when I said it was better to have thawed ones emotions."

“Then maybe mine are too thawed! I can’t…understand any of this. I don’t know how to deal with it…” Sebastian fell back down onto the bed and curled into a ball, “…just go…”

Claude raised an eyebrow at the pitiful position. He stood wordlessly, hovering as if wanting to say something, then a tiny huff escaped him and he headed to the door. "Feel free to come to me in the night if you need anything urgently." He strode out the door, leaving Sebastian alone.
Sebastian holds a deadly secret about himself; one he hopes his young master would never find out. But it is growing harder to keep as time passes without the completion of their contract, Especially when it nearly gets him killed when he crosses paths with a reaper. But in the moment when he is saved, his secret becomes known by his rival and savior; Claude.

This is based off my Role Play and is co-written with Keiiaru Who played Claude, wile I played Sebastian.

Spider Bite by Keiiaru


3 Rated M: Censored:
5 Rated M: Censored:

For Stickie by MysteriousGlowCloud

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I have many expressions on this story:
I was squealing like an idiot as I reading the part when Claude was kissing Sebastian and the part Sebastian licking Claude's neck. I was like :squee:
In "aww" (love) moment, when Claude and Sebastian are were saying their feelings each other.
In the happy but slightly-funny, when Claude gave Sebastian a night gown. And laterly, when Claude says that he want to gave Sebastian a glass of milk. I said " Did Claude treating Sebastian as a child?" I giggle on that part :giggle: , it wants me to mock Sebastian endlessly.
In "aww"(angry) moment, When the part Claude and Sebastian are were having fun on the couch as Ciel summons Sebastian. I was :pissed: piss on Ciel. Ciel was ALWAYS messing my favorite pairing :angered:
In the confusion part, when Claude says he want to give something to Sebastian ( a gift, of course), I said " OMG OMG! What is that?! Come on, Spider man! Say it!" As Claude finally said his name was a gift for Sebastian (I didn't scrolled down, Sorry :P) I said " A name?" If Sebastian has a hundreds of question marks on his head, while me, I have billions of question marks on my head. But when I scrolled down, I said "Ok, that's what Claude meant"
On the love part, When I was started to love you soooooo much as hell, because of your damn, great fanfics. I LUV YA!!!!!!!!!! :hug: :huggle:
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In demon lore, a demon's true name is something very special to them. if a human learns it they can control or kill the demon all to easy. It's a gift of pure trust for Claude to give him his true name like that. :3

Glad you are enjoying and will continue to do so!
dieingcity Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013
i love the scene of claude slapping sebby
StickieBun13 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, oh yeah? :3
dieingcity Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013
yeah, it made me grin
StickieBun13 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
XD Well Thats good, I guess. XD
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