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January 8, 2013
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Death's Dance
Chapter 2.
Part 2.

Ronald didn't bother with pulling his jacket or gloves back on, hanging his jacket over his shoulder as he walked out the door, "Uh, Alright…Will…" he said. It felt strange to refer to his boss so formally, and he knew that once he had a few more drinks in him he would fall back into the habit of calling the man 'sir' or 'senpai.' He started walking towards the next pub, "But…don't be surprised if I go back to calling you 'Sir' once I'm drunk. Habits are hard to kick."

It had been a very long time since anyone besides Grell had called him 'Will' and it made him the tiniest bit happy to hear it. "It's quite alright, I understand. Though I have to question your logic on getting drunk on a work night. You're just going to have a headache in the morning," William said as he followed Ron.

"Only if I get too drunk. I've woken up fine plenty of times after a night of drinking. And trust me, if Grell-senpai is anywhere near here tonight I am not going to repeat…whatever mistake it was I made last night that lead to this morning's little disaster. You should have heard the fit he had when he saw me on my lunch break. It was like he had been planning to parade me around dispatch like some sort of freak side-show."

"He only has himself to blame as he should have planned better. Though should you lose your sensibilities, I'll be sure to step in and prevent any bad decisions on your part."

"I doubt I'll get that bad tonight, Sen—Will." Ronald said, as they came to the pub and he opened the door, letting the loud up-beat music and the sounds of laughter waft out into still late evening air.

William nodded thanks as he stepped through the door.

"Well, this is much different," he said with a smile dawning on his face as he took in the much livelier scene.

Ronald looked at his boss, there was that smile again… "You should really smile more often." He said before blushing lightly and turning to walk over to an empty table.

He wasn't quite sure what to make of Ron's reaction. He dismissed it for the time being as he followed Ron to join him, removing his jacket and placing it on the back of the chair before sitting.

"And what shall we have this time?" William asked as he called a server over.

"That depends on if we want something a little stronger. Of course, how much will it take to get you out there on that dance floor?" he nodded over to the clearing where people were dancing energetically, "Whisky, perhaps?"

William followed Ron's line of sight to the dance floor, contemplated silently, and looked to the server.

"Two vodka tonics," then he gestured to Ron. "And whatever he wants."

"Whisky's fine for me, thank you." He smiled at the waiter before turning his gaze to William, "So, tell me about Mary, how did you come to have her?"

It was William's turn to blush a bit as he'd hoped Ron had forgotten about it.

"It's nothing remarkable," William said trying to sound indifferent, but his blush didn't go away. "She belonged to a child I was assigned to collect and I overheard that she was to be disposed of once the child was gone," he said matter-of-factly, pausing to accept his drinks with polite thanks. He felt he should elaborate so it didn't seem like he made it a habit to take home abandoned pets.

"Normally, I would have just let things be, but I found I couldn't once I learned her name was Mary," he said quickly, taking a healthy swig of his drink. He must have sounded like such a soft-hearted idiot, taking home a rabbit because it's name...

Ronald thanked the waiter for his drink and took a sip, "Is there something special about the name 'Mary?' Was it your Mother's name? Or a sister, maybe?" he asked curiously.

William had never spoken about his past to anyone, mostly because he'd only just rediscovered it, but the memories were still quite raw and he wasn't sure how to handle them at times. But, strangely, Ron asking made him smile again, bring to mind only pleasant thoughts.

"Yes, it was my sister's name," he said finally. "Though the rabbit is not like her in the least, being docile and sweet," he laughed softly.

"Strong bitter girl, was she?" he smirked, "I've known a few women like that. Let me guess, she was older?"

"Younger, actually," William said, his smile never disappearing as he swirled his drink. He felt a little strange talking about Mary out loud for the first time, but it felt good in a way. "I wouldn't say she was bitter, but she was definitely strong and extremely stubborn. I don't know why, either. I didn't raise her to be that way, but I guess it doesn't matter what one does, personality will always shine through," he again found himself laughing softly, remembering his sister fondly. "And you, Ron? Did you have any siblings?"

"A younger brother…I didn't really know him very well. Father was strict on our studies, then he sent me off to Weston School…" again his eyes went distant, why did all their conversations lead to that one memory? He wished that memory would hurry and fade away like some of his other human memories. "I wonder what kind of a man he is growing up to be…"

Ron really did not seem to like talking about his mortal life. It was understandable as few reapers did, but Ronald seemed haunted by it. William wanted to know what had happened to make him look like that, but he did not want to stir up unpleasant feelings again.

"There is no reason why you cannot look in on him so long as you do not make yourself known or interfere," William offered carefully. It wasn't something encouraged as discovering things about a people from your previous life when you could do nothing to interact was maddening and often destructive in the end, but it wasn't exactly against regulation, either. William himself was guilty of checking in on his great nieces and nephew...

"I know…But it is discouraged to do so…and I tried to once…Only to find out he had been sent away to Weston like I had…and…That place…" he sighed, "Even though my Ex wouldn't be there anymore I don't wish to ever return…. Sorry, I keep killing the mood, don't I?"

William knew of Weston college, but he didn't now much about it.

"To be honest, I am curious as to why Weston seems to hold bad memories for you, but if it will only dampen your spirits to talk about it then perhaps another time," he said softly, finishing off his first drink.

"It's not like it's a bad place. It's a good school, it's just…" Ronald sighed, why did he feel like he should tell William the truth? Maybe it was just to get the memories out there so he could forget about them, knowing he finally came to terms with what had happened? That had to be it. "It's where I died…where I was killed." He said, adverting his eyes down to his glass of whisky, "It wasn't an accident either…I told you earlier that I didn't want to get hurt by someone again after my ex…well, it's sort of the same story. He didn't just betray me…He was my killer." He said in a matter-of-fact tone so that his voice didn't waver and crack. He tipped back his glass, downing most of it like a shot before looking back up at William, "So going back into that school…isn't a option for me. I had a collection job there about a year ago…I traded schedules with Grell-Senpai just so I wouldn't have to go back…That was the only time I didn't fight him when he wanted to put me in something feminine."

The alcohol that was making his head feel slightly fuzzy seemed to dissipate. William wasn't sure what he expected, but he certainly wasn't expecting anything so dark or tragic. No wonder he seemed so troubled by talking about his past. For most reapers, it was just painful to recall something they couldn't be a part of anymore, but Ronald had led what seemed to be a not entirely happy life which ended in horrific murder. William never would have guessed with the way the young man acted, but like William, he probably projected a facade. It was a miracle that he could smile at all.

"It's understandable why you would not want to go there," William nodded softly. That wouldn't be enough. The man had just shared how he'd died and though he didn't outwardly seem upset, it was likely still causing hurt. William really didn't like how vulnerable the blond looked talking about something that had to be painful and he wanted to offer comfort in some capacity. He cautiously slid his hand over the table to rest over Ron's.

"I will make sure you are not sent on assignment there again," he said softly, catching Ron's eyes with a look of sincerity as he gave a small assuring squeeze to his fingers before drawing his hand back.

It wasn't much comfort, but it was something he could do.

Ronald looked at William's hand, then up at the man's face, "Thanks, S-Will. It means a lot." He looked at the dance floor again and finished off his drink, "Well, enough about depressing old murders of school boys, lets have some fun." He got up and grabbed William's wrist, pulling him out to the floor, not caring if the man had had enough to drink to be comfortable dancing or not.

William appreciated the fact that Ron was putting forth the effort to call him "Will". It still sounded a little strange and forced, but combined with Ron's gratitude, it made his mind feel a little fuzzy again and he hoped it was just from the alcohol.

When the blonde mentioned 'school boy', William had another little shock to his mind when he truly realized just how young Ronald had been when he died...and how much younger he was compared to William. It never occurred to him before as age did not matter when it came to the duties of a reaper...but Ron had just been a mere boy when he'd joined. However, the way the blonde carried himself, how attentive and dutiful he was despite the occasional griping, was quite remarkable given his age and William felt a little more respect for the young man.

He didn't have time to say anything on it though as Ron grabbed his wrist and dragged him to the dance floor. He didn't struggle as he didn't want to make a scene, but neither did he make it easy. He wasn't ready, but it didn't seem he had a choice on the matter, either.

Ronald turned and grinned at William once on the floor. Now that he was standing he felt slightly drunk. He had taken the glass of whisky as if it were a shot, and shots were what got him drunk fast. He started to dance, "Come on, Will, Dance with me. Even if your not drunk enough yet, everyone else is drunk enough to not care."

He looked around and indeed saw that Ron was right. Everyone else was so focused on their own business to care much what other patrons were doing. It made him feel slightly less self conscious, but seeing Ron immediately dive in prompted him to as well. Though he wasn't sure if Ron meant dance with him or alongside him. He chose the latter considering he didn't know Ron would want that and he wasn't sure how the other patrons, drunk or not, would react to two men dancing together. He swayed and moved to the music, feeling a little out of place without a partner, but he managed.

"Come on, William, I know I'm not a woman, but no one here cares. Eric and I have even danced together when we couldn't find a girl to dance with." He said, spinning up on his toes over in front of his boss, "I promise I won't tell anyone." He smirked with a wink.

Before he could stop it, his eyebrow twitched at the mention of Ronald dancing with Slingby. He knew the two were good friends, and he supposed it wasn't too strange to dance with a friend, and Ron had said he hadn't dated anyone but he could mean it the same way Will had where there was no romantic attachment but a casual-

He stopped himself right there. He had no business thinking that way. Why was he even thinking about it in the first place? Ron wanted to dance. That was all.

He raised an eyebrow at what he perceived to be a challenge and firmly grabbed Ron about the waist to pull him close and led him into a quick but easy two-step to go with the music and to see if he could keep up.

Ronald grinned and quickly fell into step, not only keeping up, but adding in a few extra footwork that didn't affect the dance. He let William lead, Eric had always insisted on leading when they danced, so he was used to taking the female role on the dance floor.

William appreciated that Ron allowed him to take the lead and was quite impressed that the blond was keeping up so easily. It normally took him a while to feel out a new dance partner, mostly because they weren't formally trained. He really enjoyed having someone that could match him for once. William upped the difficulty a bit adding a few spin-outs and twirls as the music gained tempo as yet another smile dawned on his face.

Ronald laughed as he was spun out and then back in, loosing his footing slightly and stumbling into William, his free hand reaching out instinctively to catch himself and caught onto William's shoulder, making it seem like he was hugging the man.

William knew better than to use moves that would be troublesome for someone that was inebriated, but he had gotten so caught up in the dance that he let it go right out of his head. When Ron stumbled, William's arm naturally went around the blond's waist to brace him against his body.

"Steady, Ron," he said with a smirk.

"Sorry," The younger reaper grinned sheepishly, straitening himself up again, "tripped. I promise I'm not that drunk. Maybe we should just rest a bit."

It felt so natural to hold Ron so close from their dancing that William almost didn't understand why he was apologizing until he straightened up to pull away. Then William was acutely aware of their closeness...and that the song had ended. His face felt hot as he quickly let the young man go.

"Of course, yes, I assumed as much," he babbled then shut his mouth and headed straight back to the table.

That hadn't been awkward. Not at all. If William had been in the privacy of his office, he'd have thunked his head on his desk repeatedly. As he could not, he picked up his awaiting drink and drank half of it in one go.

Ronald steered off to the bar, ordering another drink, and without thinking, a shot. When the bartender set the drinks in front of him, he took the shot quickly and picked up the drink to walk back to the table and join William. He had lost his footing; that was an accident. It's happened to him plenty of times before. But what he didn't understand was how he had actually enjoyed the outcome of his little lax of coordination. He must be more intoxicated than he thought, but not drunk enough not to care that he had made a fool of himself. He sat back down in his seat and drank a bit of his drink, already swaying slightly.

The older reaper was a little flustered by what had happened on the dance floor, but the vodka burned a little sense back into his brain. It wasn't that strange. Ron was a very attractive young man and they had been bonding over the course of the evening. What bothered him was how quickly William was bonding with him. It was a little frightening but he really couldn't deny that there was a certain attraction both emotional and physical....before he could think much more on it, Ron returned with another drink in hand.

William raised an eyebrow at the blond as he took note of his swaying.

"Are you going to be alright, Ron? You seem a"

"Fine!" He squeaked in response, and then cleared his throat, responding again in a normal voice, "I'm fine."

"Really?" William laughed a little. "Because that sounded suspiciously not alright. Perhaps you need some water?"

"I'm embarrassed is all…" Ronald insisted, drinking from his glass and looking around, and then back at him, "Are you alright? You laughed, is that alcohol-induced?" he smirked playfully.

"Embarrassed? That you're a bit tipsy?" William asked as he sipped his drink once more. "That's nothing to be embarrassed about."

He leaned on the table to give Ron a slight grin. "And, yes, a bit of it is the alcohol, thank you very much, but most of it is the company."

"No, that I tripped and fell into y—company?" he felt himself blush brightly; he was the reason the cold emotionless man was smiling and laughing so much that evening?

Why was Ron blushing so hard, or at all really? Had he said something strange? It made him feel self conscious again and he sat up straight. "Yes. Your company specifically," he said a little stiffly. "This is the most enjoyable evening I've had in quite some time, even if I was not under the influence of spirits or delirium from lack of sleep, I think I would still be enjoying myself."

It wasn't the vodka talking. It was just making it easier to talk.

"That….I'm glad." He smiled back. He could feel his self control slipping away. He was aware of what he was doing and saying, but his filter was gone. Even as he had his thoughts about how he shouldn't say or do things, he found himself doing it anyway. It was a normal level of drunkenness for him, but this time, it was different. Instead of saying something inappropriate to some girl he hadn't met before, he found himself leaning in towards William, "I'm really glad I can make you smile like that, Will."

Even though it was just a few simple words, the combination of Ron leaning in, his smile, and the words themselves along with the use of William's name sent him straight back into being flustered. The fact that Ron was glad to make him smile was...touching. Very much so. He'd never had anyone express something like that to him before. William could feel heat rising from the pit of his belly through his chest up his neck to his face to the tips of his ears and he was sure Ron could probably feel the heat radiating off him. He tried his best to keep his composure, but there was no way he could hide the insane blush he knew was coloring his face.

"A-as am I," he replied lamely. What the hell kind of response was that? Truly he was glad to be able to, but saying so made it seem like he only wanted attention from Ron and that wasn't the case.

"What I mean to say is- Yes. No. I don't know what I mean," he stumbled over the words in an uncomfortably awkward way and he knew he was just making it worse and more confusing.

"Thank you," he finally said, taking great interest in looking at his drink. It still felt strange to thank someone for saying they liked to make you smile, but it was all he could think of.

Ronald  blinked, was William flustered? He had said something rather flirty, but he did not think that the man would respond in such a way. He mostly had been convinced that the man would either ignore it, or tell him that he had, had too much to drink and was talking nonsense, which he probably was. He didn't flirt with men anymore. And he definitely didn't flirt with his boss. He wouldn't be surprised if there was some rule against it. He raised his glass to his lips again, He had to admit, the man was rather attractive, and he had never blamed Grell for having such a devoted, if not annoying, crush.  And if the man wasn't entirely opposed to dating…no, what was he thinking? He, himself, didn't date anymore, he had learned his lesson on what happens when you let yourself trust and rely on one other person so much.

As he watched Ron lift his glass for another drink instead of responding, he wondered if maybe the blond had said what he had out of drunken playfulness.

With how indifferent he was acting about it, that must have been the case. He'd probably said it to dozens of people. It didn't mean anything. William was just looking too far into it. He was just a substitute for Ron's typical evening, filling the gap that Eric might normally fill, or some random woman from the Dispatch or bar. He must have looked completely ridiculous reacting to something Ronald probably thought nothing of saying.

He lifted his own drink and found the vodka seemed a little too bitter to his tongue and put the glass back down after only a tiny sip.

He was at a loss as to what to say.

Ronald rolled his glass between his palms, watching the liquid catch the light, "Sorry, you can forget I said that…I know I shouldn't have, but I couldn't stop myself, and now I'm rambling…"

Now it was just getting uncomfortable. It didn't really matter whether Ron meant it or not, Will had enjoyed hearing it and that's what mattered in the end.

"That's up to me, now isn't it?" William said softly with a small smile. "If there is truth to it, I'd rather not forget it."

Ronald blushed and looked away, "I tend to not lie when drunk…" He was definitely drunk, admitting that so easily. Wait, did that mean he did actually have feelings for the man? He kept thinking about him…and he did like seeing his smile…

"Is that so?" William smirked. "If you tend not to lie, that indicates you let your subconscious dictate your words and actions. Perhaps something in you actually likes putting on dresses?"

"I don't mind it as much as I resist it, as long as I'm not seen in—" he cut himself off, blushing more, "And now you are taking advantage of my loose tongue."

The atmosphere was light between them again and William almost released a breath of relief. Not only that, but Ron was looking particularly...charming. He could tease him more, but he didn't want to push too far.

"Perhaps, but you were the one to get yourself drunk with the full knowledge that you speak your mind," William said, still smirking as he unbuttoned his cuffs and rolled them up. "Are you perhaps up for another dance? It might sober you up a bit."

"Yeah but normally I don't get asked such things!" he pouted, polishing off his drink before standing up, "But if it's a dance you want, then I won't refuse." He smirked, "As long as you loosen up a bit more." He reached forward and ruffled William's hair, knocking it loose from it's usually neatly combed style.

William's eyebrow twitched as his hair was mussed. The only person who had dared do that to him since his sister was Grell, and William had given him a severe tongue lashing for it. From Ron, it was a bit annoying, but it certainly was not scold worthy. He tried not to think about how nice it actually felt... Instead, William ran fingers through his hair to make it slightly more manageable then stood and stepped over to Ron.

"And you could stand for a bit more attention to grooming," he said matter-of-factly reaching out to straighten out the blonde's messy bangs. "Especially this stubborn fly away," he said as he tried to tame the wild little curl of hair.

The single curl of hair that always stood up, stubbornly sprang back up as if William hadn't touched it. However, Ronald's pink cheeks darkened and a violent shiver ran through him as his lips parted to let out a small squeak. He reached up and grabbed William's arm to steady himself, "Pl-please don't do that…"

William frowned at the stubborn curl and was about to try and pat it down again but Ron's hand on his arm stopped him. He looked at the blond curiously, slightly worried about the shudder and the squeak. Surely he hadn't hurt him doing that? But Ron was incredibly red in the face...

"I apologize," he said lowering his arm and trying to catch Ron's eyes. "Did I embarrass you?"

There was no hiding his flustered crack in his voice, "N-no…just…don't touch the curl…let it be stubborn." He looked up at him, with pleading eyes, "It…does things."

William had no idea what Ron could possibly mean by 'it does things', but if he wanted it left alone, then he would leave it alone. It made for an interesting reaction, though, and he filed that information away for later use.

"Fair enough," William said softly as he took Ron's wrist. "But you and I still have an appointment with the dance floor."

He tugged Ron back to the dance floor and wasted no time in pulling him into a another lively dance, allowing himself to get swept up in it.

Ronald's dancing was a little more clumsy, but he still kept up with William and the music for a couple songs, but then the band slowed things down to a slower song and Ronald found himself not knowing what to do. When he was with a girl, he'd continue to dance with her if she wanted to, and when he was with Eric they took slow songs as their cue to take a break.

William thoroughly enjoyed himself again as he danced with Ron. He noted the younger man was having a little more trouble with his feet, but that had to have been because of the whiskey.

As the music slowed, he was tempted to go back to sit down, but that meant Ron would probably grab another drink, and while he was amused by some of the blonde's drunkenness, he also did not want him overindulging. He should keep him dancing...for propriety's sake, he convinced himself, not because he found he liked holding him. He pulled Ron a little closer to sway to the softer music, not saying anything.

Ronald had just been about to ask the man if he wanted to go sit back down when he was tugged closer, the words getting lost on his tongue and forgotten. William's arms felt good around him, and he found himself leaning in as they swayed in a small circle.

Before he knew it, the young reaper began to wonder if there was meaning behind the embrace, or if the older man simply wanted to continue to dance. And though he knew better, he found himself wanting the later thought to be true. Had he been sober, he would have pushed himself out of the man's arms at that, and probably would have left without a word. The thought scared him. But his body wouldn't listen. And when had he gotten so close as to rest his cheek on the man's shoulder.

What was he doing? This wasn't him, he didn't do this…

Glad that the dance hadn't been rejected, William swayed with Ron. It was very different but pleasant to be able to hold a man like this. He would slow dance with ladies on occasion, but he'd never had a male dance partner and it felt much more natural to him.

He certainly didn't mind when Ron leaned in closer still. So close that William caught a slight citrus scent on him. He liked that, too. A lot. When Ron rested his cheek on his shoulder, William had to stop himself from burying his nose in blond hair. That would just be strange and unwanted. Ron was probably just feeling a little sleepy from the effects of the alcohol and being lulled into a bit of a daze from the slow rocking of their dance. If William suddenly embraced him and nuzzled his hair, well, Will would probably get a solid shove at best and a punch at worst.

He kept Ron close but politely managed to finish the dance without crossing any boundaries. When the song ended, he stepped back and looked at Ron with a small but fond smile.

"I hope that didn't bore you to sleep, Ron. However, I know how to get your blood moving again. You wouldn't happen to know how to tango, would you?"

Ronald felt disappointed when the song ended and William pulled away, he just couldn't understand his feelings that night.

"Yeah, I know how. Been a wile though." He said, "Not that you bore me. You are a good partner—Dance partner." The young reaper corrected himself quickly.

"I simply wasn't sure, but thank you. I enjoy dancing with you. I have never had a partner I could adapt to so quickly," William said, his smile growing. He truly did enjoy dancing and the idea that Ron, whom he was admittedly becoming fond of, could be his partner for his favorite dance was exciting.

"If you are up for the challenge, then I'll see what I can do about music," William said calmly but he was practically thrumming with energy as he excused himself momentarily to do just that.

He came back to Ron, barely able to suppress his grin and positioned himself into a standard starting pose and nodded to Ron.

"Sir, may I have this dance?"

Ronald grinned and stepped into William, falling into the starting pose with him just as the music started to play. Couples cleared the dance floor, half because they wanted a break or didn't know the music; and the other half because they had spotted the two men who seemed to know what they were doing for the new song selection, and wanted to watch.

Schooling his features once more to match with the dance, he ignored the other couples as he pulled Ron to him firmly. Normally he would have to go incredibly slow to teach partners this dance, but even as drunk as the blond was, he followed William into the basic steps with no issue. Will almost grinned again, quite pleased. He loved the dance because of all the precision and technical intricacies, the contrast between fluid and crisp movement , but he'd never been truly comfortable doing it with women. It was a dance of passion and though usually uninspired by female partners to do more than the basic walk, lunge, and promenade, Ron very much inspired him to improvise and draw him into much more intimate steps including those where he would press against Ron's body quite intimately. He knew he couldn't take too many liberties considering the blond was not entirely steady on his feet, but he thought nothing of drawing the younger man's arms around his neck and hooking his leg over his hip to drag him across the floor before pulling him up straight and bowing him backwards into a dip.

Ronald had always taken the lead in the tango before, it took him a few steps to get the hang of letting William take the lead. He was unable to control his features as well as William, cracking a grin as he was whisked across the dance floor, not minding in the least as he was pressed up against the older reaper. Normally he would add in some fancier footwork, but he knew it wouldn't be a good idea with how much alcohol he had in his system, so he kept things basic so that he wouldn't stumble. He got lucky, lasting through the fast-pace dance, and stretching out as he was dipped at the end of the dance. He tipped his head to look up at William, their noses almost touching.

William was thrilled that they had danced together so well. If he was this compatible with Ron while the blond was intoxicated, how much better could they be when he was completely focused? He felt accomplished and more excited than had been in an incredibly long time. He held Ron in the dip for a little longer than necessary, excusing it to himself as allowing them to catch their breath...not that they actually needed to...

When the blond looked up at him, smiling, William had to admit there was a natural urge to kiss him. His heart was beating wildly from excitement, Ron looked quite happy, and it would be a perfect moment...William leaned in a little closer, his lips ghosting over the younger man's but at the last moment he changed course and planted a small kiss to his cheek.

It would have been a perfect moment, except Ron was drunk. And they were barely friends. William highly doubted Ron would thank him for a kiss on those terms, let alone one inspired by the heat of the moment in a pub he frequented full of people watching. A kiss on the cheek was friendly and likely would not be frowned upon.

"Thank you," he said softly as he pulled the younger reaper back up, a bright smile on his face.

Ronald had closed his eyes when he felt William's lips brush against his, and he grew disappointed when he felt the kiss being planted on his cheek instead. He lingered in William's arms a moment longer, pressed up against him. "Any time." He breathed, pulling away slowly and becoming aware of the applause of those watching.

Blushing a little at the sound of applause, his smile softened as William stepped back and gave a polite nod to the crowd in general. He'd been dancing for the fun of it, not for attention, but it was a pleasant feeling to receive positive feedback. He gave a small bow of thanks to Ron before putting hand on the small of his back to guide him back to the table.

"I may have to take you up on that offer, Ron," he said softly with a grin. "Perhaps not again tonight, as it is getting late, but another time. I must get home to catch up on sleep, but I think I'll have one more drink before I go."

"Right. One more drink then you go catch up on sleep. Wouldn't want you smacking your head on your desk again." He teased, walking with him back to there table and flopping into his chair and picking up his glass, realizing it was empty.

Seeing their empty glasses, William excused himself for a moment and went up to the bar to order. While waiting, one extremely drunk but friendly lady bought him a shot, which he tossed back for the sake of being polite, complimented him on the dance, and told him to hurry back to his "boyfriend". William attempted to correct her, but she shoved him back toward Ron and he spent the effort on saving their drinks instead. It took him a bit of effort to correct himself as the shot of....whatever it was, he couldn't really guess...made him light headed. Whatever it had been, it was strong to affect him so quickly. He carefully made it back to the table and handed Ron another scotch as he sat a little heavily in his own seat.

"As for hitting my head, unless I happen to be under a desk while you're wearing something that revealing, I'll have little reason to." He lifted his drink to his lips with a small smirk and froze when realized how positively filthy that had sounded.

Ronald thanked William for the drink and took a sip, only to nearly spit it out in shock, setting his glass down and turning wide eyes on William. Had the man been looking up his skirt? He shifted his legs uncomfortably, "Y-you…?" He honestly didn't know if he was more flattered or horrified that the man had gotten an eyeful…well, more of an eyeful that was already revealed after he had tripped and dropped the sheet. Which had been traumatizing enough for him. The blonde pinched the bridge of his nose, "I really am sorry you had to see that…" he blushed.

"What are you sorry for? It wasn't a bad view," William responded to Ron's blush before thinking, though his words were slightly slurred. Then he frowned. Why had he just said that? It didn't matter if it was true, Ron didn't like him looking.

"What I mean is, you have nice legs," he tried to amend casually and realized he'd failed again. Why were these words spilling from his mouth?! "Alright, no. The proper thing to say is I did not see anything..."

...but thigh. An evil little voice said in his mind.

"Right, but thigh," he agreed with the voice out loud and nodded. A horrified expression crossed his face as he realized he'd done it yet again then scrambled to repair the damage he'd just done. "I mean, nothing! I didn't see anything!"

"You are a horrible liar, Will…" Ronald sighed, then couldn't help but chuckle, "You liked what you saw, how improper, Senpai." He teased, reaching across the table to push his shoulder playfully. "And you almost kissed me. Do you always kiss people when you drink?"

He was laughing about it? Well, at least he hadn't embarrassed him further. Not only that, but he was being playful about it. Ron's laughter gave him a fluttery feeling in his stomach and made him want to laugh, too. So he did.

"What if I did like what I saw? And felt. It still was entirely accidental, but I can't say I regret it," he smirked and he leaned in with his elbows on the table and sipped his drink.

Okay, so that was definitely suggestive, and he should care about the fact that whatever that woman gave him had loosened his tongue so much, but he really didn't at the moment.

"No, I do not make it a habit to kiss people when I or they are intoxicated, but I would also like to correct you on one point. I did kiss you, just not on the mouth," William said matter of factly, nodding and taking a sip of his drink.

"Well, why not?" Ronald asked, though mentally he kicked himself for it. But he didn't stop there, leaning forward over the table, "You wanted to."

Was Ron challenging him? William had wanted to kiss him, and if Ron wanted the truth, then Will could give him the truth. He found himself leaning forward as well as if it would make his point more valid somehow.

"You are correct. I did," William said with a nod. "But I resisted for four reasons," he said holding up four fingers.

"One: Because we're drunk, and one should avoid snogging when drunk for a variety of reasons," the nodded hard and put down a finger.

"Two: You likely still see me as your boss, not a friend, and it's just weird for one to be kissed by their boss out of the blue," he said as he dropped another finger.

"Three: We had an audience. I don't think I need to explain why that would be a problem," he said, leaving only one finger left which he pointed directly at Ron.

"Four: Because shut up," he said flatly then reached out, threaded his fingers into bi-colored locks, and yanked Ron across the table into a hard kiss.

Ronald let out a small moan, leaning into the kiss and reaching out to run his hand across William's cheek and into his dark hair, pulling him harder into the kiss, their glasses clicking together and tilting crookedly on their faces.

William found he quite liked Ron's little moan. It made him feel pleasantly warm and tingly. Even though he tasted like scotch, a flavor Will liked well enough, he enjoyed the softness of his lips even more. Even the feel of his glasses going askew couldn't distract him from trying to pull another one from the blond...

But a loud whoop from across the pub certainly could.

William broke the kiss quite suddenly and looked towards the source of the sound, only to see the same woman that had bought him a drink at the bar earlier was leering at him and Ron.

"Yes, that thing about having an audience seems to have come forth," William said flatly, obviously unamused with the lady, but he looked to Ron with questioning eyes. "Shall we go?"

He didn't necessarily want to stop, he was just uncomfortable with people staring at them, and if they could go elsewhere, he'd gladly resume.

Ronald nodded, breathing a little hard from there kiss, "Yeah…we probably should go…" he glanced over at the woman and blushed, grabbing his jacket from the back of his chair.

William stood and quickly put on his jacket before tossing a few bills on the table to more than cover the drinks and tip. He nodded to Ron and followed him out of the pub, feeling a little awkward about what had just happened.

"That was slightly uncomfortable," William said softly, looking around the empty street before turning to look at the younger reaper. "Perhaps it is time to consider going home."

He nodded took a step towards Ron as if to say farewell and instead grasped him by the shoulders and pulled him into another kiss, this one a bit gentler than the first, but still passionate.

"Apologies," he said, his voice breathy with a hint of laughter as he pulled back. "I had not gotten my fill the first time."

Ronald was stunned, but instead of responding, he grabbed William's tie before he could pull away and pulled him in for a third kiss, "Want me to walk you home?" He whispered against his lips.

"I was going to ask you the same thing," William chuckled softly, unable to resist pressing kisses to Ron's lips between words. It was like once he was touching the blond, he simply could not stop himself. "You've had more than I have..."

"I'm…used to…walking home…drunk…" Ronald muttered, slipping his arms around the older reaper's shoulders. He just couldn't stop himself, and his mind wasn't even protesting anymore.

Something in the very back of Will's mind told him it would be best to part ways here, but then Ron put his arms around him and he didn't want to listen to that voice.

"Then, by all means, let's go," William murmured against Ron's lips as he tugged his wrist and stumbled a bit in the direction towards home. He lived in London himself, not too far from their location, actually. Far enough away that calling for a lift would be reasonable, but William really didn't mind the company. The night air was helping him clear his head a little bit, though he was still undeniably drunk.

As he pulled Ron along, he found he felt strangely youthful again, feeling flirtatious and playful in the company of a friend, swaying a bit through the streets so late at night. It was something he hadn't felt...well, since he'd been a boy, and certainly never since become a reaper. He'd hardly ever let himself go when he was mortal as it was, and he'd never let himself enjoy something so simple since death. He'd always had to be responsible, either for his sister or for his career, and while he did not regret his decisions, he knew he'd not indulged himself very often. The alcohol was making it much easier to give in, but there was just something about Ron that made him feel...nice.
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