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October 10, 2012
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Crimson Web
Chapter 1.

Grell stood awkwardly in front of William's orderly desk, shifting his weight from one leg to the other, letting his hip lean to the side flamboyantly. He bit his lip lightly so as his teeth wouldn't draw blood as his green eyes cast downwards to gaze almost shyly down at the shiny toes of his heeled shoes.

The supervisor studied his coworker with a cold gaze, "You boycotted your paperwork today in order to go see that demon again." He accused in a matter-of-fact tone, his emotions well hidden as usual.

Grell looked up, "Oh~ That's what this is about? I was afraid that I somehow broke another silly little rule without knowing about it~" he giggled, wiggling his hips, "Yes, I did go see dearest Sebas-chan today. But I hardly think it's fair to be accused of ignoring my paperwork! I got most of it done before you called me up here, and I would have actually gotten it done on time today to if you hadn't!"

"That is not the point! You have no reason to be running off after anyone like you do. Especially that filthy demon." The man stood up and walked around his desk, flipping the lock on his door before he approached the redhead and reached out, caressing his cheek before he ran his fingers up into crimson threads and roughly grabbing hold, forcing the smaller reaper to step in closer to him and tilting his head up to look at him, "You belong to me, Grell." He hissed in warning.

Grell's eyes widened in a mix of excitement and fear. His lips twitching upwards slightly. He loved how his lover could get so sadistic at times; but he never showed that side of him at work; he would always wait until they were both home. "Getting a bit jealous are we, Darling?" he asked, pressing himself up flush against William's suit-clad body.

"It's much more than jealousy, you made a commitment to me. Yet you always chase after other men and hang off them! Even in front of me. What if one of these days one of those fiends you lust after actually takes you seriously? You belong to me and no one else—let alone a hell-spawn! They are not to touch you."

"Well what do you expect me to do?!" Grell demanded, swatting William's hand away and stepping back to glare at the man, "You won't let me hang off you in public. Hell, you hardly let me do so at home! We are supposed to be lovers, yet you force me to keep it a secret! You are ashamed of me, just admit it! I love you more than anything, Will, but as much as I love how cold you can be, I need warmth too! I need affection, and by Charon's Oar! I need you to be able to admit you love me! I'm starting to think you just use me!" he yelled, anger overtaking him, "You haven't even said you love me in what? Seven years? Eight?"

"Why should I when you run around like a little whore?" William snapped back before he could think.

William watched as the redhead's features faded from anger to hurt within seconds of the piercing words; his eyes widening and tearing up instantly, and his mouth hanging open slightly as if trying to let out words that just couldn't reach his tongue as his throat choked up. Grell finally closed his mouth and turned away from William, running to the door and tugged at it before remembering it was locked. He unlocked it with shaking fingers before running out and down the hall.

Ignoring the looks and comments from his coworkers, the red reaper ran through the dispatch building and out the doors, his glove-clad hand lifting to wipe the tears from his cheeks as his feet carried him through the gates into the human realm. He turned down an all too familiar street that would carry him to the Phantomhive manor before slowing to a stop, his heels clicking softly on the cobblestone road.

No, no it wouldn't do to run looking to take it out on Sebastian Michaelis. William would look for him there first and then he'd be seeing it as proof that Grell was a whore. And he wasn't! He may be a flirt; but he never once slept with anyone other than the cold supervisor since they had finally gotten together.

How dare he? How dare William think so lowly of him! The redhead growled and kicked a crate of apples, sending the green fruit rolling and bouncing along the street. Where to go? Some place unexpected; some place to truly be alone and think…maybe he was better off away from William? It was the first time he had ever had such thoughts. But he was so in love with the man…blindly so. Grell frowned, fighting back a sob and turning down another road, picking up his run once more to venture into new territory. Not paying attention to where he was going.

His vision so distorted by tears, the red reaper hardly noticed when he left London's city limit and crossed into a privet wood. His surroundings only catching his attention when a raised root caught his foot, sending him spiraling to the ground.

Weakly; Grell pushed himself up into a sitting position, his make-up stained tears mixing with dirt on his cheeks as he hugged his knees to his chest, finally weeping openly.

The root had done its job perfectly, slowing the intruder down enough to make him stop. Soft footsteps padded the fallen leaves on the ground as the Trancy household's head butler walked through the forest towards the trespassing reaper. Claude tugged on his glove tighter as he stopped a small distance away to survey the distressed red-head. "Is there a reason you have come here?" he drawled boredly, half hoping that the reaper had come for a fight, but it was obvious that was not the case.

The red reaper stiffened, his nose catching the scent of a demon, how had he not noticed it before? Pushing himself to his feet, he attempted to dry his tears, only to smear the dirt across his cheeks more. He turned and glared at the demon, his green eyes taking in the demon's form. He was slightly familiar, "Does it matter if I have a reason to be here or not?" he snapped.

"It matters to me. You are trespassing on private property, Reaper." the spider replied coldly, eyes sweeping over his poor excuse of an impression. "You have but one warning to leave at once."

"Privet property?" Grell sneered, "No such thing for a reaper. We have access to any area humans can be on earth." He said, crossing his arms, "But should I ever for what-ever reason find myself in Hell, I'll remember your warning."

The butler narrowed his eyes and took a few steps closer. "Be careful what you wish for, for I can send you straight to Hell's Pit sooner than you expect." He stopped, then took another quick step before darting rapidly to slide up behind the Reaper, three gold blades held to his throat as he gripped his red hair to force his head back. "You had one warning."

"Tch, just because you are handsome, doesn't give you the right to treat me so roughly!" Grell hissed, his left hand clenching as he summoned his scythe to it, swinging the spiked blade into the demon's leg, even though it wasn't turned on.

Claude pulled away quickly to avoid the chainsaw's blade, instantly flinging a few knives at the Reaper's shoulder either by distraction or having one stick. "My looks have nothing to do with how I treat scum like you."

Grell flinched in pain as the knifes dug deep into his shoulder, "You think that I am scum?" he hissed, "Obviously you are not the brightest demon around. My dear Sebas-chan at least knows how to treat a lady!" he said, yanking the golden silverware from his shoulder and turning on his scythe, charging at the demon.

"'Sebas-chan'?" the butler asked curiously, standing his ground as the Reaper ran at him. "You can't mean that crow? What would he know?" he smirked ever so slightly, now remembering being told about this certain Reaper. "I see now...a broken heart, is it?" He jumped up as the Reaper swung down, landing back behind him with more blades at the ready, this time coming up to dig one roughly into his back while holding the rest to his throat, making sure he couldn't move to attack. "Is that what the tears are for, hmm?"

"They are none of your concern, demon! They certainly aren't for you in any case!" The redhead gasped, stilling at the feeling of cold metal digging deep into his back; ignoring the bolts of pain that the knife caused each time the demon's muscles twitched or his own body shifted slightly.

"Then merely my own curiosity." His smirk grew, now thoroughly entertained that he had the trapped reaper. He leaned in while tightening his hold on the blades, digging them into the Reaper ever so slightly. "Did the crow cause such a heartbreak...or perhaps someone who you don't deserve?" he whispered into his ear, purposely feathering his lips along the edge of it.

An unbearably cold, yet pleasurable shiver assaulted Grell's body at the demon's words, and he felt fresh tears well up in his eyes once more. "Don't," he spat, risking himself more injury by moving and twisting himself out of the spider's arms, causing a cry of pain and anger to interrupt his words momentarily. "…talk about things you know nothing about!" he reached back, pressing a gloved hand to the gash in his lower back as his other arm swung his humming chainsaw up at the demon.

Claude dropped the knife that had been avoided by the Reaper to grab Grell's wrist, stopping the blade from making contact before twisting his wrist sharply to force him to drop his weapon. "I don't need to know about anything to the fullest to know when agony and grief is involved, Reaper…" he muttered, yellow eyes locking on the green ones. "I can smell it on you."

"Un-hand me!" The redhead screeched, kicking the sharp heel of his shoe into the demon's leg and yanking his hand back at the same time out of a small form of panic. He managed to break free, twisting his wrist painfully, but loosing his balance, falling back against a tree, narrowly missing being impaled by a low hanging broken branch that caught the delicate chain of beads that hung from his glasses, and snapped it as the impact of the tree trunk knocked the red frames from his face.

Grell's now blind eyes widened as he felt his glasses bounce off his knee on their way to the ground, and desperately, he fell to his knees, his hands spread wide as they felt around the blurry ground covered in dead leaves and dirt in search for them. Hoping to find them before Claude made his next move.

He shifted his position and heard a soft crack. He found them. With shaking hands he reached under his knee and plucked the broken frames from the dirt, holding them up. The glass was cracked and they hung barely together until they finally gave out, falling into two halves.

A soft chuckle broke the silence as Claude walked up behind the blinded Reaper, grabbing a fist-full of hair to drag him back up onto his feet. "Oh dear, did you lose something important?" he teased, reaching up to pull off his own glasses and slip them into his breast pocket, now smirking wickedly at the red-head in his grasp. "No matter, I will finish you off all the same."

"It's all your fault!" Grell cried out, too upset to care much about his appearance or reputation. His lover thought he was a whore, he was blind, and he was defenseless. The sudden feeling of helplessness overwhelming him now that he realized his situation. His scythe was a laying upon the ground somewhere, his glasses gone; and he was alone. William, if he even cared, wouldn't think to look for him here. "If you hadn't—you stupid filthy demon!" he sobbed, beating and clawing at the spider demon, trying to get him to let go of his hair so he could run.

"Am I the filthy one? Are you to say that you being covered it dirt and in a wreck of tears and muck makes you more 'clean' than I?" He tugged hard on his hair again before shoving him up against the tree, leaning up against him to keep him pinned as he leaned in to whisper in his ear again, "If that is the case, you are the fool here."

"Any man who would treat a lady in such a way is the very definition of filth! I have not given you permission to lay a finger on me!" causing himself a fresh wave of tears, he turned his head, leaning in, causing his hair to be pulled more as he dug his shark-like teeth deep into the demon's shoulder. Blood quickly flooding his mouth, but he held on tight.

"Gah! You nasty thing..." he growled, his own fangs lengthening as his eyes slipped into the angry shimmer. The demon drew out another knife into his hand, stabbing it into the red Reaper's shoulder.

"Ah!" Grell yelped, releasing Claude, taking the opportunity to spit the demonic blood out of his mouth. It was only after he did so when he realized the lovely red liquid would look much better staining the demon's skin rather than the earth. "Stop stabbing me and let me go!" he demanded angrily, "'less I paint you red!"

Claude hissed impatiently at Grell before just fixing him with a glare, releasing his grasp on the knife though keeping the Reaper pinned beneath him. "The only thing I shall be painted with is your blood, Reaper, lady or not...which you certainly are not!" He shifted his leg to press his knee up hard between the Reaper's legs to rub mercilessly at the bulge in his groin. "You may believe you are, but your antics and body argue otherwise..."

"Ha! You already are painted with your own blood. I'd reconsider that threat if I were you." Grell said, lifting a hand and sliding it up the butler's chest to his bitten shoulder, pressing his fingers hard against the bleeding wound, "And just because I happen to be in a male body does not mean I am any less of a lady!"  he snapped venomously.

He narrowed his eyes at the Reaper. "Your actions are far from lady-like. The crow is more of a woman than you could ever be." His eye twitched slightly from feeling the other's fingers pushing more blood out from his bite wound, glancing at his shoulder to watch his coat slowly soak through with his own blood. "You forget who has you pinned and could snap your neck without hesitation." He nudged his knee up into his groin again, leaning in closer. "…Or I could do other things to prove my point to you."

"I don't need to act lady-like around demon scourge who has no appreciation of a lovely lady! Attacking a maiden laden with tears? Disgraceful!" Grell insisted, shivering. A warning going off in the back of his mind.

"This 'maiden' talk of yours is testing my patience." he murmured under his breath, leaning closer still until they were nearly nose to nose. "And seeing as strong as your stubborn wall is, allow me to prove my point. Treat you like a lady? Fine...I will show you what my kind do to a 'lovely lady'." He tugged on his hair to force his head to the side while lowering his head down to latch onto his neck, but not piercing the skin. Instead, he drew a bit of the Reaper's pale flesh into his mouth to nip and suck at before moving up to assault his ear by tugging and teasing at it with his tongue, fingers nearly ripping off the buttons of his vest and shirt to lay him bare and exposed.

"Ah! St-stop!" he begged, grabbing the demon's shoulders and trying to push him away as his body began to respond to the pleasurable shivers racking through him. "I told you to let me go!" his voice trembled, betraying the fear he was starting to feel take root.


Once completely satisfied, the butler smirked evilly at the Reaper before him. "I must say, you certainly do sound like a woman when I pleasure you just right. Now that you have suffered the consequences of intruding on my master's property, I hope you don't attempt it again unless with a very good reason…"

Grell fell to his hands and knees, his tongue pushing his hair from his mouth and gasping for air to try and settle his sobbing a bit before he spoke,  his gaze never leaving the ground, "…H-how dare you…" he paused to choke back another sob, "T-Touch me again and I-I'll kill you."

"I would like to see you try." Claude teased, walking over to crouch beside him and run his fingers in a caressing manner over the back of the Reaper's neck. A distinct outline of a spider's web spreading out and seeming to embed itself into the pale flesh. "Don't deny that you enjoyed my touch, Reaper."

The reaper shivered in disgust from the touch, too weak to stop the demon from it. "D-don't act like you're all that great. You aren't." he said, unaware of the thin silvery lines weaving themselves into his skin, glowing slightly before setting into his neck like a tattoo hidden behind his long red tresses.

The demon smirked and nipped at his ear again playfully. "Your moans told me otherwise." He straightened up again without offering help to Grell, tugging his glove back on as he turned back towards the direction of the manor. "Happy hunting, 'miss' Reaper."

Grell stayed at the base of the tree, shivering as his exposed body cooled and became aware of the cold evening air. He then crawled around, his hands in search of his torn clothes, putting each article of clothing on as he found them. Then he pocketed his broken glasses and spent a good amount of time stumbling around in search for his chainsaw. Once his fingers located it and he dismissed it, he pushed himself to his feet, stumbling from tree to tree in the direction, he hoped, of London.

It was well past midnight before the warn and blind reaper managed to find his way home to the small apartment that he shared with William. He fished out his key and scuffed up the door with it until he was finally able to locate the key hole and open the door. The apartment was dark and he was unsure as to if William was asleep already, or was still at work. But the only thing that mattered to him was that he get cleaned. Kicking off his shoes, he headed strait for the bathroom, tearing off his already ruined clothes and throwing them in a heap on the floor before climbing into the tub before turning on the water to the hottest he could stand and grabbing the soap, scrubbing every inch of his body raw as the tub filled up around him.

The hot water had gone cold before he finished scrubbing himself and climbed out, grabbing the first aid kit to wrap his broken wrist so it would heal correctly, and bandage his stab wounds before finding his night gown where he had left it that morning, he pulled it on and stumbled out of the bathroom, grabbing an extra blanket from a closet and collapsing onto the couch, curling up into a ball as he shivered and cried himself to a light, fitful sleep.

Another hour passed before William returned to their shared apartment, noticing Grell's shoes strewn in the doorway. He sighed and set them neatly to the side, straightening up again to look around for his upset lover. It didn't take him long to find him curled up on the couch, looking upset still even as he slept. Will frowned and set his bag down before sitting carefully on the arm of the couch, lightly brushing a few locks of red out of Grell's face as he slept. He knew he had pushed it too far earlier by calling Grell a 'whore', but his patience was wearing thin from the Reaper's antics. Grell did belong to him and only him...he only wished Grell would understand that. He sighed and got up again to get cleaned up for bed, blinking in surprise at more of the mess Grell left, stopping to pick up his tattered clothes. Something didn't seem right; some of the buttons were missing as though they were ripped off and...was that blood? "…Grell...?"

Distantly, Grell could hear the sound of the door opening and closing, and he felt the familiar gentle touch of his lover's fingers, but his body wouldn't move, too exhausted to awaken. But his mind at least had easily woken up. His thoughts had never really settled as he slept lightly, too distraught and paranoid.

But when he heard William's voice say his name softly from another room; probably the bathroom, he managed to force himself up to his feet again. He staggered through the dark towards the bathroom once more, leaning against the doorframe, trembling fingers clinging to the wood. The pose made him look shy or insecure, where he'd normally use the open door to lean against in a seductive manner. He watched William's blurry figure holding his torn clothing and studying it for a moment, "W-Will…" he muttered in a shaky voice.

Will looked around, seeing Grell in the doorway. Things definitely were not right, and he wanted answers. "…What have you been doing..?" He held up the shirt to show the tear in the side and blood that stained around it. "Is this…yours...? What did you get yourself into after you left?"

The redhead nodded slowly, "It…it is mostly mine…" he admitted, taking in another shaky breath, his sore fingers tightening on the doorframe, "I…I had just wanted to be alone…that's all, I swear!"

"Mostly?! Grell...what did you do?" He felt he needed to ask, seeing that his lover had a tendency to pick fights with people when upset to blow off steam. Then a thought crossed his mind and he looked back down at the shirt. "…This is...made from a knife. Don't tell me you went back after that damned Phantomhive's pet again..!"

"I didn't do anything! And no I did not go to see Sebastian! I told you I wanted to be alone! I was being a good girl! Just….Just forget it! I'm going back to bed. And YOU get the couch this time!" Grell snapped, turning to head to the bedroom, and using the wall as both support and a guide in the dark.

Will's eyebrow twitched in irritation, draping the tattered clothes over his arm as he walked after Grell and reached out to grab his arm to stop him, being gentle in case he was more injured than he feared. "Grell Sutcliff, do not tell me to just 'forget it' when I'm worried about what you've gotten yourself into! You're obviously hurt and I want to know why!"

Instinctively, Grell jumped away from the touch on his arm, jerking back as if it burned, "Don't touch me!" he gasped before thinking, even though he knew it was William and not the spider demon. His green eyes holding a look of fear as he looked at William, his trembling growing more apparent.

Will blinked, lowering his hand slowly. Someone had done something to Grell, it was obvious now; never before had Grell looked so terrified at being touched. "...Grell…who hurt you?" he asked quietly.

"I…I don't know…he looked familiar but…I tried to stop it…to get away but the demon…he…" a loud sob shook from him, "My glasses broke and I couldn't reach my scythe, and…he just…" the smaller reaper hid his watery eyes behind his hands.

"Demon?" William let the clothes slide off of his arm to approach his distraught lover, carefully sliding his hands over his arms reassuringly in case he would be startled again. "What did he look like?" He had a feeling what this demon did to Grell, judging by the way he was holding himself and seeming frightened of being touched. He just wanted to find the bastard who did this and decapitate him.

"Like any other demon in his human form…but…with yellow eyes…dressed like a butler…seemed to know Sebastian…at least he talked like he did…incredibly rude…" he said slowly, not really wanting to think back to the demon's features, "…and he wore glasses…"

Will frowned and grit his teeth, having run into that demon before during a reap. "Faustus..." he growled under his breath, deciding to deal with him later. He had Grell to take care of at the moment. He nodded and reached up to run his fingers through the other's hair to push it back off his face. "Let's get you to bed so you can rest…"

Grell moved forward, hugging his lover, "I'm sorry…" he choked out, "I…I know what you meant earlier now…I never flirted with him but he still…I'll stop…"

Will held him close, pressing a kiss into his hair. "…It was a poor choice of words; what I said. I only wanted you to understand I want a committed relationship." he sighed, stroking his cheek as he pulled back slightly to look at him. "And he's still a demon…flirting or not would provoke them…but I'm glad he left you alive to return home…"

"B-but I am committed to you…I just…You've been so distant lately…I was trying to get your attention back…" The redhead admitted into William's shoulder, "You're the only one I have ever wanted to—to touch me…"

"…You never lost my attention, Grell..." he rested his head down against the other's, "You know how serious I take my work." He thought back on their argument earlier, remembering everything that Grell had pointed out. "...I love you, Grell..." he whispered, hugging him slightly tighter, "I always have even if I don't say it."

"…I'd still like to hear it more often…maybe a smile or two at work?" he asked.

"I can't promise a smile, but I will see what I can do…" he sighed, kissing his head again, guiding him into the bedroom and tucking him in, leaving just long enough to change into his own pajamas and then slowly slipping into the bed and pulling the smaller reaper to his chest.
William and Grell's relationship has been rocky for quite a wile; thanks to Grell's flirtations with Sebastian and William's workaholic tendencies. When William takes it too far in yelling at his lover, Grell flees, only to find himself trapped in a spider's web. Can William save his love, or is Grell doomed to be the spider's meal?

Idea inspired by [link] Odji's love for the ClaudexGrell crack pairing. Her fanfictions are great. Though My take on this pairing is FAR from hers.

Special thanks to :iconninluvs-shm: for helping out. (Because I can't write Claude's character worth crap, but she can. :heart:)

This is only a four-shot. It is completed so keep your eyes peeled for the other three chapters.

Chapter 1:[link]
Chapter 2: [link]

This is the Censored copy. The full (Rated M) copy can be found here:
1. [link]
2. [link]

On [link]
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