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January 29, 2013
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Bad Luck
Chapter 1.

Eric slumped onto a barstool, ordering himself another glass of whisky. He hadn’t been at the pub long, but already could feel the effects of the alcohol. His mind fuzzy, and his body swaying slightly. He tipped back the glass, taking it like a shot as he turned around to look out at the other patrons dancing and talking joyfully.

Normally he would go to the pub with his best friend, Ronald, but Ron had overtime and he had had the worst day. He woke up to find he was an hour late for work, upon getting to work, Alan cornered him, lecturing him about being late before loading his arms full of paperwork. In doing said paperwork; the reaper found that his last pen had run out of ink and he had to hunt for another one; which he found in the hands of Grell who happened to want a favor, which he reluctantly obliged, taking another stack of paperwork atop his own. Ronald had also found him, chewing him out about the new secretary who the young reaper had been trying to woo for weeks, and he thought that Eric had taken her on a date. And on top of all that; he had somehow missed a collection; causing William to lecture him and give him an hour’s overtime for the rest of the week.

Yes, he needed this drink, and all the ones to follow. Again, he turned around and motioned for the bartender to top him off.

Claude entered into the noisy pub, removing his hat while taking his place at a table in the corner, away from any drawn attention. He had one night to himself wile being enslaved as a boy's butler and decided to spend it to himself, enjoying one of the few human alcoholic drinks that pleased him. He pressed up his glasses after giving his order to a passing barmaid before glancing around the pub, viewing each wasted or partially-drunk soul there.

But there was one other non-human being there along with him.

Death's scent caught his attention, causing his golden eyes to narrow and glancing around before landing on the Reaper sitting at the bar. He didn't seem to notice the demon had entered, which was odd: Reaper's could pick up on a demon's scent as quick as a demon could find a Reaper. That was when he noticed the bartender topping off the reaper's glass with the golden alcohol, a slight klutziness to the reaper's movements as he drank it back. 'A drunken reaper…what luck.' he thought to himself, the corner of his mouth tugging up in an amused smirk.

Eric downed a few more glasses before the bartender ignored his request for more; taking his glass.

“I think you’ve had enough, Sir. You’ll have a hard enough time getting home as you are.”

“Ya can’b cutten me off.”

“Oh yes I can. This is my establishment and I have the right to do so.”

Claude muffled a quiet chuckle into his fist, glancing up at the barmaid as she delivered his drink with a small nod of thanks, looking back over at the drunken Reaper sulking over losing his drinking privilege for the night.

Grunting, Eric pulled out his wallet and tossed some bills to cover his tab onto the counter and stumbled off his stool, taking too long to gain balance before making his way towards the door, passing by the demon’s table without even a glance.

Claude sipped at his drink, savoring it as he watched the reaper stumble past his table without so much as a glance. His mind buzzed thoughtfully: perhaps he could have a little fun with the drunken reaper to finish off his night? Would the reaper even be able to fight him? The thought of the reaper being too drunk to even fight him excited him, making him grin slightly into his drink. He quickly finished it, laying down money for his drink before grabbing up his hat and slipping out through the alley door, intending on cutting off the reaper if he hadn't gotten far.

The drunken reaper staggered down the nearly empty streets until his balance got away from him and he stumbled to the side, catching himself on the brick wall of the nearby building and sliding down it.

Claude stepped out from the alleyway, turning to walk down the street towards the reaper, watching him fall. He chuckled as he got close enough for him to hear, "Have one too many?"

“Fer the day? Not enough…for thi’ere walken task…ten t’many.” He grumbled, glancing at the tall, raven haired man, and squinting, trying to make out if he knew the man and deciding he didn’t. At least he was fairly sure he didn’t. He wasn’t a coworker at least.

"I take it today was not fair to you, hm?" he asked politely, though with a hint of tease on his tone.

Eric shook his head, “Don’ ya have som’p ta be?” he asked in an annoyed tone.

"Nowhere important." He leaned down with his hand out, offering to help the other to help him to his feet.

“Arn’cha lucky…” he grumbled, staring at the demon’s hand blankly before realizing the man was offering him help, and taking it, letting him pull him to his unsteady feet. He leaned back against the wall wile he brushed his hair out of his eyes and looked the man over again. There was something about this man…but he couldn’t place it.

The demon stepped closer to him after the reaper stood up on his feet, smirking. "Not luck could very well change around tonight."

“Righ’…” The intoxicated death god pushed himself away from the wall and lifted a hand in a wave, though it threw him off balance slightly, “s’ya” he started walking away, then realizing he was going the wrong way, he turned around, bumping strait into the demon.

Claude didn't even budge as the reaper collided with him, fighting back a snort of laughter. "And where, may I ask, are you trying to go?"

“’ome.” He said simply, blinking and moving to step around the other male.

"And you think you will make it all on your own?" he chuckled, "I hardly doubt it. You have already collided with more than enough to prove otherwise. Come...allow me to treat you for a night until the alcohol has worn off." He motioned down the road, pointing towards an inn a few blocks down.

Eric cocked an eyebrow, but nodded, he was quite drunk and he knew it. And if this man was paying…there was no harm in staying in mortal London for the night. “A’right.”

The spider held off his smirk and lead the drunken reaper down the road and into the inn, letting him lean on the counter while he took out money to pay the innkeeper for a room. The demon then accepted the key for the room, grabbing Eric under the arm to lead him once more down the hallway, unlocking the door before guiding him into the room and over to the bed to sit. He then set his cloak and hat aside, not intending to leave until he was satisfied.

The reaper sighed and let himself fall back onto the bed, mumbling an almost incomprehensible thank you as he kicked his shoes off.

"So…dare I ask what has over-worked you into such a state?" Claude asked curiously, pulling over the bed-side chair and sitting on it beside the bed, eyeing the reaper.

“Paperwork…coworkers…blaste’pens….” He muttered, rolling over and pushing his glasses up to the top of his head so he could shove his face into a pillow without bending the thin frames.

Claude reached over to carefully slip the reaper's glasses from the top of his head, looking them over, interested in their design, "A long, unfortunate day then." he mused, setting the tinted glasses down on the table before moving to slide over onto the bed, running a gloved hand over the reaper's back slowly, hoping to ease him into a more-relaxed state.

“Mhmmm…” His eyes closed, enjoying the soft touch, not quite realizing it was from a complete stranger.

Claude continued to rub along the other's back, turning to press down harder and add his other hand in, gradually inching himself closer until he was straddling the other's lower back. "Like that?"

“Mm.” Eric smiled, relaxing fully. Maybe this is what he needed…work out all the knots in his back…he probably had needed it for weeks.

He smirked, continuing to work his hands over the other's shoulders and back, pulling back only for a moment to ease off the reaper's coat, gently tugging his shirt loose from being tucked into his pants and slipped his fingers up beneath it to run over his skin.

Grunting, Eric shifted so that the demon would ease off him slightly, just enough for him to roll over. He reached up, grabbing Claude’s vest and yanking him down suddenly, pressing his lips to the other’s in a rough, sloppy, whisky-flavored kiss.

Yellow eyes widened behind the square frames, very surprised in the reaper's sudden kiss. Well, this certainly made things easier to obtain what he wanted. He lowered himself down to press against him, reaching up to remove his own glasses to set them with the other's before returning the kiss just as roughly, pinching open each button on his shirt then pushing it back off his shoulders to expose his torso to him.

Eric didn’t know what had come over him, but he knew he wasn’t going to be stopping with the man responding favorably to his kiss. He had, had one night stands before after drinking at the bar, but they had all been women. Not that he had anything against men, but things always tended to work out that way.  With a small moan in the back of his throat, Eric’s fingers assisted in the task of removing clothes, stripping off the demon’s vest and shirt.


Eric groaned, and shifted to sit up against the headboard of the bed, looking at the blurred figure, now that the alcohol in his system had passed slightly, there really was something about the man, but he still couldn’t place it, “D’ I know ya from somewhere?”

Claude kept his gazed shifted down until his eyes returned to their golden hue, glancing up at the other again with a smirk. "Perhaps as a couple of strangers passing on the street." he replied coolly, sitting back on his ankles as he curled his ungloved fingers under.

“Sumthen ‘bout ya…” He shrugged, “Ya stayen ‘ere or goen ‘ome?” he asked, getting to his feet and taking a moment to catch his balance before walking over to the bathroom and filling a glass with water.

"I may stay, seeing as I have nothing else to do this evening." he shrugged, eyeing the other as he walked off into the bathroom. He couldn't help but smirk, rather pleased with himself to see how much of a mess he made of the reaper.

Eric tipped back the water before using a towel to clean himself off and walking back to the bed, tossing the towel over to the demon, “A’right.”

He looked down at the towel, taking it to also clean himself off before fixing his clothing and running his fingers back through his hair. "..for one who doesn't bottom, you took it quite well." he teased, looking over at the reaper with a smirk.

“’m Drunk. Woudn’ave ‘appened otherwise…” he muttered, sliding under the blanket, “’onna pay fer it in th’mornen…”

"Oh yes, unfortunately, I am sure of that. I do hope it doesn't disrupt your work too much." Claude smiled, highly amused that the reaper hadn't caught on to his antics, let alone that he was a demon.

Eric grunted and pulled the blanket up over him, “Maybe…”


Morning light streamed through the windows, rousing Eric from his sleep. He groaned and rolled over, his body protesting as he sat up and dangled his legs over the side. He rubbed his eyes and reaching out to grab his glasses, sliding them on his face. He frowned, his sight not clearing. He took the glasses off again and squinted, realizing they weren’t his. Slowly, he looked over at the figure next to him, remembering vaguely what they had done the night before. His cheeks flushed lightly and he reached over to grab his own glasses.

Claude had only curled up in the bed to regain some of his lost strength for that day, eyes remaining closed while in a deep sleep-like state even as Eric woke up. He shifted slightly as there was more movement, opening his eyes to glance over his shoulder then over to the window, realizing it was morning. He sighed, sitting up before sliding from the bed to retrieve his coat and few belongings he had arrived with.

Eric glanced over at him, the silence growing awkward between them. He silently gathered his clothing and put them on, tossing Claude’s waistcoat onto the bed after untangling it from his pants.

The demon reached over to slip on his vest and buttoning it, quickly redressing himself before reaching over to pick up his glasses. "What time does your work begin?" he asked finally, breaking the silence.

The reaper glanced at the clock, “’half hour.” He muttered, tying his tie loosely around his neck and tucking it under his collar.

He nodded, pushing his glasses onto his nose before turning for his traveling cloak and hat. "I am needed at my home…I enjoyed last night." he smirked at him, tipping his hat to him after putting it on, turning for the door. "Try not to work too hard, Reaper…" he chuckled, opening the door and slipping from the room, then was gone.

Eric froze, looking over at the demon, a sickening smell in the air finally registering in his sleepy mind. “You…awe fuck no…”

Claude strode out into the busy London streets, hiding his grin behind his gloved hand as he made his way towards the Trancy manor.

Eric cursed, his skin crawling as he stripped back down to scrub himself clean spending more than the half hour he had scrubbing his skin raw.
Co-written by *NinLuvs-SHM

A string of bad luck one day at work leads Eric Slingby to a night of drinking that he'll always regret...or is there a silver lining in the dark cloud changing his reaper life forever?

1. [link]
1 Censored. [link]
2. [link] [link]

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DaughterOfMaat Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014
This is quite awesome...Because they are quite in-character...:D Kudos to you...
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StickieBun13 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
X3 Thanks! It was my first time writing Eric. X3

and yeah, don't worry, this is not a "romance" story at all. Claude and Eric won't be falling in love after that one-night-stand.

XD I know you had asked not too long ago if I ever did a Fanfic that wasn't a romantic pairing and I said no. Well, though this one was almost done, it had been sitting dormant in my "Abandoned fics" folder Since Genna's muses haven't been around for any RPing at all. (Yes this one is a RP) And frankly, I had forgotten about it when you had asked. finally, one night I was bored so I asked her if I could just finish it solo. she said I could, so I did. It's not really a simple friendship fic, like I think you had been asking about, but it is not a romance at least.
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StickieBun13 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, this one is a shorter one. 6 chapters... or more, 5 chapters and a short prologue.
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StickieBun13 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
haha, no. and not all 20+ chapter fics are Mpreg. I never really plan for Mpreg in a fic, it just happens...except for this one.
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